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Buying a new home?

Seeking legal advice

Speak with a lawyer before signing any private contract whether you decide to use our services or any other qualified lawyers, make sure you do this before signing or paying anything. This allows your legal representative to make all the necessary checks on the property before you pay anything.

Signing a reservation contract.

This takes the property off the market and gives you certain guarantees. In the event that something goes wrong or the seller changes its mind before the completion date. Having this contract assures you that you do not lose your deposit.

Check ownership and potential debts.

Leave it all in our hands and we will contact the other parties in order to make sure that there are no outstanding debts, such as water, electricity, community of owners and local rates. We will find out the "plusvalia" tax due to be paid by the seller after completion. We will organize the cancellation of previous vendor´s mortgages so that the property is freehold and up to date.

Signing the deeds at the Notary Office

Once the property has been built or in case of a resale property, as soon as all parties are ready to complete, an appointment at the Notary Office will be made in order to get the ownership of the property transferred to you. We will assist you on this by translating the document from Spanish to your language.

Taxes & Registration at Land Registry

After the deeds have been signed, some taxes (if a second hand property, 7% Transfer Tax, Notary fee and Land Registry fee) must be paid no later than thirty days. Within a couple of days, we will collect the original deeds from the Notary Office in order to take them to the appropriate Land Registry to be registered. This will create a fully protection of your ownership against any third parties.

Utility bills

We will also take care of the utility bills such us water and electricity bills, local rates (SUMA), community of owners. This means that we will go to the corresponding offices in order to put the contracts on your name and provide bank account details to set up the direct debits so that you do not need to worry monthly about the consumption bills related to your purchase.