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Selling your home?

Seeking legal advice

It is recommended to seek legal assistance if you intend to sell your property located in Spain, whether you are resident or not, complications for yourself and the buyer may arise if you intend to sell your house by yourself.

Reservation contract

Signing a reservation contract gives you some guarantees in case the buyer changes its mind or cannot afford purchasing your property in the end.

Signing the deeds at the notary office

Once all parties are ready to complete, an appointment at the Notary Office will be made in order to get the ownership of the property transferred to the new owner. We will assist you on this by translating the document from Spanish to your language.

Your mortgage

If you have a mortgage, we will also organize with your Spanish bank to cancel your mortgage by singing the cancellation of mortgage at the Notary Office.

Capital gains tax & plusvalia

We advise you how to reduce your capital gains tax and we will deal with your plusvalia bill. If you are non-resident willing to sell your property, bear in mind that you will have a 3% of the declared sale price withheld by the buyer. This amount will be deposited with the Spanish Tax Office (Hacienda). We will help you get your refund of 3% if there is no profit from the sale of your property.