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It is essential to use a qualified Solicitor in all conveyance matters. We will make sure all transactions of buying and selling your property are executed properly according to law. This includes confirming the seller of the property is the legal owner, that there are no debts on the property, and much more besides. Other services we offer related to the conveyance matters are:

Power of attorney

A Power of Attorney is a convenient and commonly used way of finalizing transactions in Spain by authorizing a trusted representative. Signing the conveyance title deed in the Notary can take a very long time. Therefore, we recommend granting power of attorney to act on your behalf to save you the hassle of frequent travel.

Spanish Will, Inheritance & Probate

Whether you are a resident or not, it is important to have a will, registered in Spain, covering your Spanish assets. Your estate will be subject to Spanish inheritance tax if you die but there are certain reductions for relatives. We provide a full service in English and Spanish, dealing with the probate of Spanish Wills, the estate administration and all inheritance issues.

NIE number & Residency

All foreigners with tax obligations need to obtain an identity number (NIE). We provide this service and if for some reason, the issue is delayed, we will collect the number for you once issued, so relax. If you are unable to travel to Spain to apply we can advise how to do so through a UK solicitor or even the Spanish Embassy. We will find you a local solicitor in your area and handle this on your behalf.


Our firm offers a professional advice and representation in Court in the following areas:

Civil Law

Involving money claims, evictions, inheritances, drafting of contracts, issues with Community of owners, termination of private contracts, etc...

Family Law

Involving separation and divorce, amicable or litigious, maintenance, legal custody for minors, marriage contract, declaration of legal heirs, etc…

Criminal Law

Involving safeguard people´s rights, assistance to the person in custody at Police Office and Court, assistance to victims of domestic violence, Court hearings and any type of trials, appeals to sentences, traffic offences, minor´s offences, illegal foreigners, claiming compensation as result of a traffic accident, etc…

Administrative Law

Involving all administrative proceedings with the Town Halls such us, applying for habitation certificate, first and second occupancy certificates, planning permissions and licenses to build, urban legal reports about land, etc…

Mercantile Law

Mercantile Law, covers the whole companies registration process, transmission of companies; the whole Insolvency & Administration process in the Commercial Court to register your credit, etc…


Income Tax for Non Resident clients

We will make sure that your taxes are paid on a yearly basis even if you live in abroad. We will contact you every year to inform you about tax payment. We will obtain on your behalf the latest copy of your SUMA receipt (local rates) so that we can review the “catastral value of your house” on a yearly basis. Once we have worked out your bill, we will complete your tax declaration, called Mod. 210, in order to take it to the bank for the payment to be made forward the Spanish Treasury. Our advice is that you pay your taxes to avoid future problems, for example, when you come to sell your property.

Renta (Tax declaration for Residents)

If you are a resident in Spain, we can set up an appointment for you, so that a fiscal expert can provide you with all the relevant documents to calculate the tax returns. We can guide you through the Spanish tax system and allowable deductions. Please contact us if you would like more information about this service available to our clients.